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What to Expect on your Visit

During your first visit, we will give you a health history form to fill out. This will inform us about your current health conditions and goals. Please give yourself enough time to fill out our patient history form paperwork at the beginning of our appointment. Following the health history intake and conversation regarding your health history and wellness goals, we will conduct a physical exam including range of motion and orthopedic tests. These tests will help us learn more about you and which services would benefit you the most. We will also use muscle testing during your visit. Muscle testing uses the body’s natural reflexes and biofeedback mechanisms to collect information about your body’s biomechanics and proprioceptive relationship with gravity.

Rozenberg Family Chiropractic

The chiropractic adjustment takes approximately 25-35 minutes and includes gentle spinal adjustment, basic cranial, extremity adjusting for shoulders, arms and legs and basic muscle release therapy. Your joints might make little sounds during the adjustment, these sounds are called audibles and occur sometimes when nitrogen gas is released from the joint, similarly to opening a bottle of soda. If your joints do not produce audibles during the adjustment, that is ok. We want improved communication between the brain and body and a positive change in neurology and audibles are not indicative of neurological change.

Your treatment may also include Sacro-occipital technique blocks. These are used to facilitate alignment through positioning the hips and spine in a more structurally functional way. The blocks are a comfortable way to use the breath, gravity and motion to balance the pelvis. The sacro-occipital blocks are also used during the scoliosis protocol and manual traction.

Your treatment may include an Activator Methods recoil instrument called the Activator. It is a gentle tool used to perform the adjustment in a sensitive area like the ribs and is often used for adjusting small children and senior citizens.

The chiropractic table is a Thompson table which incorporates a drop mechanism to facilitate the adjustment in sensitive, tight areas. The Thompson drop table is a safe, gentle and effective for most bodies and produces a dropping sound upon release.

Chiropractic Care is generally pain free. You might feel some discomfort while performing muscle release as tight muscles may be tender to the touch. Some patients experience minor soreness after their first adjustment as the body becomes accustomed to the improved alignment.

Please keep in mind that there might be someone scheduled directly after your appointment. Please arrive on time to avoid a reduction in time available for the session.

Tips prior to your visit:

-Come hydrated to improve joint mobility.

-Please wear warm, comfortable, loose fit clothing. 

Contradictions for Care:

-Acute fracture

-Contagious skin infections

-Avascular necrosis


-Osteogenesis imperfecta


-Blood clots

What to Expect after the Visit:

Most patients experience increased range of motion, improved posture or “feeling taller” after their adjustment. The body will continue to correct itself up to 48 hours after the adjustment as inflammation decreases and the brain adapts to the new alignment. Some patients experience soreness, like working out at the gym for the first time in awhile. This is normal, rare and usually only lasts several hours after the adjustment. Hydration and movement can reduce the lactic acid buildup that can bring about soreness post adjustment.

Chiropractic Care does not cure any medical condition. Chiropractic Care removes neurological interference acquired from musculoskeletal misalignment and poor posture to allow the body to heal itself. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. It is based on the personal and professional experiences of the author and should not be taken as a substitute for medical care.

5 stars for Dr Brittany!!!!! I have been a regular patient for about 2 years. She actually corrected my scoliosis with her gentle technique! Other chiropractors just don’t put in the time it takes to work a miracle like that. I’ve had many others but Brittany has the best approach to healing by far!!!


Dr Brittany has a huge heart for healing her patients. She is always growing and learning new things to better herself and care for her patients. I am so thankful for the Divine bringing her into my life.”


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