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Healing the Natural Way

Throughout our lives, our bodies love to pick up souvenirs of our life experiences. These experiences and memories have different emotions attached to them that are also stored in the body. Every thought or stimulus that the body is exposed to releases specific hormones from the brain and endocrine system. These chemical responses and memories are stored in the subconscious mind and in the soft tissues, especially around the temporal bone, jaw, shoulders and sacrum/pelvis. Some memories are also stored in the organs such as the womb and organs of digestion.

There are many ways to release stored memories and trauma from the body so that we can move forward with our lives with the freedom to create new and even better memories. 

Healing through Breath and Movement: 

Life is consciousness coupled with organized movement. Moving in a gentle, focused way will allow the body to release memory and trauma. 

Breath and movement, dancing, laughter, shaking, yoga postures and stretching, swimming in clean, wild water, rebounding on a trampoline, crawling and eye movement, deep tissue massage and chiropractic care are all beneficial ways to process emotions. 

Gentle and Effective Chiropractic Care: 

Sacro-occipital chiropractic is a gentle, nurturing chiropractic technique that works with emotion, muscle, bone and the nervous system to change the tension in the body from a threatened state to a state of rest, relaxation and freedom. This healthy, homeostatically balanced state allows for improved flow of breath, blood, lymph, neurological flow and even prana, chi and emotion through the body.

This physical freedom can be life changing and you may find that you are able to enjoy hobbies and activities that you once loved with little or no pain or discomfort. You will notice a difference after your first session with physical improvement and changes each time. 

Pain can come from anywhere

Often, a person with knee pain may also have hip misalignment and ankle or foot involvement causing the knee pain. Visceral organ involvement can send referred pain to another area of the body. Sensitivity to a certain food can produce inflammation that causes joint pain. Misalignment of the feet or low back can cause neck tension and headaches due to the kinetic chain involvement. Therefore, when a patient comes in with knee pain, I might address many other seemingly unrelated areas because they are all connected and have a physiological relationship with the knee. 


“It is our Birth Right to be Healthy, Happy and Whole”

Who We Serve:


One of our favorite people to work with are runners and athletes. Running on hard concrete can add wear and tear to the hips, knees, ankles and feet. Runners have noticed that chiropractic alignments can improve their gait and racing time as well as prevent future injury. Adjusting the feet and knees while incorporating athletic tape for added stability can make an improvement in your athletic performance and add longevity to your athletic life.

Shoulders are another vulnerable area for athletic overuse injury and wear and tear. Working with the shoulders can increase range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness. Tennis players, baseball players, golfers and power lifters have benefitted from our chiropractic shoulder protocol


Scoliosis is an overly expressed lateral curvature of the spine. Scoliosis is a common problem and can affect your quality of life. People with scoliosis can experience pinching as the ribs press into soft tissue, tightness and difficulty breathing. Scoliosis can progress with time affecting the visceral organs and causing postural problems.  Our scoliosis protocol works with the vertebrae to gently reverse the C shaped or S shaped scoliosis curve. Our scoliosis patients often feel “taller” after an adjustment as their posture is improved. They might be able to breath easier without the scoliosis “pinching” feeling. They might notice less tightness and pain as we work together to reverse the scoliosis. 

Backyard weekend warriors and laborers:

Are you someone who always has a sore back on Monday from gardening, renovating, painting, shoveling snow, raking leaves during the weekend? You might have muscle spasms, muscle aches and stpi-0ness. I focus on a whole body approach to healing, that is beneficial to those who “ache all over” after carrying a small child or chasing your children at the park? Sacrooccipital technique aligns and balances the body to take on the challenges of motherhood. I also use a very gentle, tonal technique for babies and children for the bumps and tumbles of learning to walk, playing at the park and climbing trees. We have something for the whole family.


Sciatica is a nagging tingling sensation running down one or both legs to the knee or down the leg to the foot. This tingling sensation from the sciatic nerve can be felt all day long, at night or after exertion. Sciatica can develop from 3 main sources, the disc, the muscles or the nerve itself. Chiropractic care can take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve to relieve the pain and tingling associated with sciatica. We also address the cause of the sciatica by addressing low back and pelvic misalignment. 

Computer and Cell phone postural damage:

For our patients who work long hours on the computer or texting, chiropractic care can be life changing. Sitting is the new smoking and sitting long hours can shorten the hip flexors and psoas muscle which pull on the discs of the low back causing low back pain. Slumping over the computer can tighten the muscles of the upper back and chest and weaken the neck muscles to cause anterior head carriage and permanent poor posture. Chiropractic can help reverse the damage caused by long hours slumped in front of a computer with downward head flexion. 


Being a musician comes with unique imbalances. Overuse injuries from playing long hours. Wrist and hand pain, neck pain from twisting the head to one side to hold the instrument or heavy instruments with neck straps can cause soreness and musculoskeletal damage down the road. Gentle, tonal chiropractic care can help take tension off of the joints and soft tissues for improved, pain free performance. 

Pediatric Chiropractic:

Toddlers learning to walk fall an average of 17 times an hour. Birth, learning to walk, playing on the playground, rough housing with siblings can cause structural misalignments that can affect their health down the road. Gentle, tonal chiropractic can balance the body to take pressure off of the spine and spinal cord to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Headache Sufferers:

Chronic headaches can be debilitating and take away from quality of living. Chiropractic care coupled with cranial work facilitates optimal flow of cerebral spinal fluid and improve the primary respiratory mechanism of the cranium and sacrum. 15-20% of headaches are cervicogenic or caused by the neck. Chiropractic adjustments can take the pressure off the nerves and soft tissue structures that cause neck-related headaches. 

The Silver Community:

Musculoskeletal integrity is an important part of healthy aging. Being able to continue to enjoy the hobbies and activities that you have always loved into your silver years is a blessing. Gentle, tonal Chiropractic care can improve your range of motion, coordination, stability and balance for healthy aging.

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